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synthetic glitter disclaimer

Currently, the FDA does not approve synthetic glitter as a color additive in cosmetics in the US [although it is approved in other countries].  This is because Polyethylene Terephthalate [aka PET, PETE, or Polyester] is basically plastic.  It is the same plastic used to make everyday items, from water bottles to tarps.  Yes, tarps!  But it is also used in many cosmetic products.  It is in everything from hairspray, to eyeshadow/pigments, eyeliner, lipstick and gloss.  It is even marketed by some major cosmetic companies as eye and cosmetic safe.  In my opinion, if a small business is aware of this issue, a large cosmetic company with teams of chemists and lawyers should also be aware.  As a business owner, as one who provides products to the public, we have a legal obligation to remain educated about the product we market.  That being said, the FDA has made it clear that Polyethylene Terephthalate is not accepted as a cosmetic additive, but there is no enforcement.  The FDA only states there is an active grace period for the cosmetic industry to respond, but it is discretionary.  They have also not provided information as to how long the grace period has been or will be in effect.  So, you have big name companies, misinforming the public to make money because the FDA is not enforcing non-usage.  Check the label, sometimes Polyethylene Terephthalate is the #1 or only ingredient.
Synthetic glitter a.k.a. Polyethylene Terephthalate, is offered as a product by stars + lunatics.  But I do provide this disclaimer to leave my customers to make their own informed decision based on their own personal needs.  I personally have used the synthetic glitter products I sell, and have not had a problem.  I think back to the many many times I've used synthetic glitter before starting my business was even an idea for me.  As a child wearing those glittery lip gloss roll ons, or shimmer spray/lotion, and countless other cosmetics marketed by big name companies.  As of yet, I've not had a problem.  And to the best of my knowledge, there are no reports of harm caused by small particle synthetic glitter, though large particle "craft store" glitter is a different story!  And really, there is no difference in the two, other than particle size and marketing.
So again, I leave it up to you to make your own decision based on what is right for you.  And as always, if you have any other questions, you can always email me.
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