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a selection of cosmetic and synthetic glitter.

cosmetic glitters contain fda approved for cosmetic use ingredients.  the ingredients are more naturally derived and are considered to be minerals rather than a glitter. each item lists its contents approval.  add them to your favorite gloss, nail polish, lotion, or use in place of or in combination with pigments for a dramatic look!

synthetic glitter is currently not fda approved as a cosmetic additive.  please read our synthetic glitter disclaimer for more info.  synthetic glitters are marked "novelty use."

particle size varies from .004 to .01.  each item lists its individual size.

jars & samples are packed by volume, not weight.  jars are the industry standard "10g" size, and are pre-settled & packed with sifters.  samples are 1/8 teaspoon measured.

the limited edition "cosmic jar" size holds 10 grams [net weight] of glitter, for an average of about 2 times more product than our standard jar.  cosmic jars are sifter-free.  click here for a video comparison.

glitter swatches are over adhesive.