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Product Image poker face

poker face


this item is being discontinued.  once it is out of stock it is gone forever :/

holographic silver

novelty use

contains:  polyethylene terepthalate

particle size .01

swatch shows:

left, original poker face. on the right, is poker face deux. pf deux feels slightly more gritty than the original, but i've decided to keep both because pf deux offers a much stronger holographic sparkle which is friggin gorgeous! at the right angle, you can see a literal rainbow reflection in pf deux!  also, in pf deux, the silver is a bit darker than the original.

customer photos:

1, @miss_sake_bomb

2, @makeupbyjelly

3, @artistillusions [4] poker face & teenage kicks

5, @devanndiorio [6 - 7] using poker face & zero

8, @marvielousmakeup

sample net weight:  .013 oz/.36 g

jar net weight:  .194 oz/5.52 g